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June 2024


I am pleased to say that from 2017 we will be hosting various charitable events, in order to raise money for the excellent Princess Alice Hospice. Their incredible work was highlighted to me, by the way they cared for my Father when he was nearing the end of his life. It meant so much to me, that I am determined to help raise funds so they can continue their great work, and care for others in the same way they cared for my Father.

Princess Alice Hospice is here to provide free, holistic palliative care for patients with advanced illness and those approaching the end of their lives. We aim to enable all patients to have the best quality of life to the end, responding quickly to their needs and wishes. We recognise that family, carers and friends have needs of their own and we are here to provide them with support, comfort and advice at every stage of illness and after death. Through our education and research activities we also aim to improve end of life care. Website

One of the events held was an Italian Cuisine Night at the Kew & Ham Association. I would also like to say a special thanks to all the people that gave up there time and came to the National tennis centre and other venues for charity events and for the extended support and donations made.

Please check this page for updates about the events that we will hold. These are likely to include tennis clinics and sessions, and perhaps golf and bowling days. I would also love to hear your ideas too. Please also see the videos below for more information. Thanks for your support.

Donations and full details can be found at:

Please contact me, and lets work together and make a difference.

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