Absolute Muslim Match is just for practising Muslims who happen to be seriously interested in looking a spouse
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April 2024

Absolute Muslim Match is just for practising Muslims who happen to be seriously interested in looking a spouse

Absolute Muslim Match is just for practising Muslims who happen to be seriously interested in looking a spouse

We a 100percent No-Free-Mixing rules. When you and another affiliate match we match between the two of you relaying the emails together until relationships discussion advancement to a phase where you both wish to request your contact details be replaced insha’Allah. If during this period the Muslima had not currently engaging the lady mahram we might guarantee her Wali/mahram was engaging before every contact details be exchanged.

We recognize that Muslimas , and around 40per cent of Muslima memebers mentioned they require or may need help with this. Thus in this instance, we would offering help and support with discovering a sharia-compliant Wali/mahram when it comes down to Muslima insha’Allah. May Allah grant you decrease within lookup and profits contained in this life therefore the further. Ameen

  • 90per cent of feminine users mentioned they put hijab. 18.1percent said they put on niqab. 90percent 90percent
  • 76.7% of feminine users said they see Qur’an weekly. 27.3per cent said they look over Qura’n each day. 76.7per cent 76.7%

94.1percent of male people stated they stopped free of charge blending. 68.8% stated they don’t free mix, whilst 25.3per cent mentioned they merely free-mix at work.

  • 78.2percent of male customers mentioned they grow their unique mustache at least to fist lengh. 45.3per cent stated they never ever slashed their mustache. 78.2per cent 78.2per cent
  • 74.8per cent of of male members stated they look over Qur’an each week. 35.5% mentioned they read Qura’n each and every day day. 74.8per cent 74.8%

100% of people stated they pray 5x per day. 18.2percent of women &15.1% of guys stated they mistakenly overlook Fajr, praying it afterwards.

  • 78.2% of male members mentioned they expand her beard at the least to fist lengh. 45.3per cent stated they never cut their own beard. 78.2% 78.2percent
  • 74.8percent of of men customers mentioned they look over Qur’an weekly. 35.5% mentioned they review Qura’n on a daily basis day. 74.8per cent 74.8%
Which operates Pure Muslim Match?

I’m Danial Morteza and I going this . We proceed with the instruction associated with the Qur’an and Sunnah and my personal no. 1 top priority was is to be sure to Allah with all the means this specific service is operated. From a humble inexperienced absolute Muslim Match has grown to get to an international readers, with newer users signing up for each week.

May Allah relieve your research for a spouse and offer people profits within this lifestyle in addition to then. Ameen.

Would it be really 100percent complimentary?

Don’t worry, as soon as we state the no-cost we indicate they. There are not https://datingmentor.org/dating-com-review/ any concealed costs. The service is 100% no-cost.

Just how varied are customers?

Our people have become varied. There is members that English, American, Pakistani, Moroccan, Kenyan, Palestinian, Bangladeshi, Saudi, and several some other customers from other backgrounds too. We have Dr’s, designers, people, they providers, black colored, white, brown. Among the many circumstances all of them users have commonly is the fact that they become practising Muslims, Alhamdulillah.

a€?O humanity! There is produced you from a men and women, making your into regions and people, that you might see the other person. Verily, many honourable of you with Allaah is that (believer) who’s got al-taqwa [i.e., is just one of the muttaqoon or pious]. Verily, Allaah was All-Knowing, All-Awarea€?

The Prophet (serenity and blessings of Allaah feel upon your) is reported for mentioned: a€?O people! Verily their Lord is but one as well as your dad [Adam] is one. An Arab is not any better than a non-Arab, and a non-Arab is no much better than an Arab; a red guy is no better than a black man and a black people isn’t any better than a red guy a€“ except if it’s regarding taqwa (piety)…a€?