They will loose more customers due to poor reviews when clients need more money to carry out on enrollment loans
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May 2024

They will loose more customers due to poor reviews when clients need more money to carry out on enrollment loans

They will loose more customers due to poor reviews when clients need more money to carry out on enrollment loans

In the cash 1 location on Peoria & 51st Ave both Tony and brithany show me how perfect and great customer Support Ought to Be done I was very Pleased with My Trip to that location this afternoon that is why I’m giving both of them 5 stars if you’ve any Queries please Don’t Hesitate to contact me at 480 842 1386 have a great day Sincerely: Olin Dino Osias

Not Everyone is cut out for customer service to Start A small Rocky the site. The issues were not so much that the company’s as it was some of those workers, but after a couple of years of dealing with them and the weeding out of these career contested workers, it has been a simpler and less time consuming experience. Complete I give a thumbs up to them!

This is actually the first time that I was to castitle in years but wanted some emergency cash for a business trip

This provider isn’t fair. Up for curiosity is to secure themselves, these are hard times and that is why customers are putting their car, even though customers have taken out loans. This business needs to up the loan numbers!

Poor customer service. I introduced in the majority of recent bank statement, as requested, (it was just six months old) and yet the clerk wanted my own to log into my bank accounts by the window. I discovered it risky and equally strange, logging in to my account from a computer that was . Don’t suggest this place. They wasted my time.

I walked to the Peoria office a stressed out mess. Alejendra was amazing she got me the money and verified my information I needed. Due to the prompt service I walked out feeling prepared to conquer this business trip.

Very satisfied was a process and left together with cash

We moved into Cash 1 that’s on Desert Inn. They was and worker name Rolando he was in helping really helpful, since this was my first time. He explained exactly what I needed to do, and was very patient with me. He’s got excellent customer support. Everybody that was there on that day was very friendly. Thank you James!

Workers need to be more inform about new system they having to perform loans. Their answer is I do not understand, when I ask what’s it foundation on. What kind of service is that if you do not know nothing. Worst customer service ever. Her name was Jessica at the store on Lamb and Washington. She needs to grin.

First time going here and I was happy when I left. For her aid she’s a star employee, A shout out to the young lady Rosie and that I would recommend going to see her. She is located in the nellis and lake Mead location. Thank you Rosie at cash 1 you rock.

Was greeted when I clarified and went and walked into the door service over every detail very very well. Also I would advise the 17th ave and bell position to anyone who’s looking for some help with your financial enterprise. I love I can choose from a 6 month into a 18 month to man my payments larger or smaller.

These are some of the best people I have had a pleasure in dealing with. Once you are not able to pay your payment as long as you call ahead of time they go out of their way not a lot of places work with you. I’ve had loans over the last year and every time customer service has been spot on.