Maharashtraa€™s very first satellite tagged Olive Ridley turtle trips 75 kilometres south associated with the condition coast
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December 2023

Maharashtraa€™s very first satellite tagged Olive Ridley turtle trips 75 kilometres south associated with the condition coast

Maharashtraa€™s very first satellite tagged Olive Ridley turtle trips 75 kilometres south associated with the condition coast

Professionals from the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun and also the Mangrove basis, an autonomous human body underneath the state government, marked two feminine sex Olive Ridley turtles with a satellite tool to monitor their own road on January 25.

Prathama, the initial Olive Ridley ocean turtle to-be satellite marked from coast of Maharashtra, has travelled 75 kms south of Velas seashore in Ratnagiri area.

Experts from the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun together with Mangrove basis, an autonomous human body in local government, marked two feminine adult Olive Ridley turtles with a satellite device to monitor their unique route on January 25.

One other water turtle a€?Saavani’, who was tagged and revealed from Anjarle beach, additionally in Ratnagiri section, carried on to keep when you look at the nearshore waters associated with the coastline.

Both turtles happened to be marked with system transmitter terminals (PTTs), of fitted with epoxy resin on carapace (hard-shell) for the turtle. The transmitter weighs significantly less than 3 % in the weight of the xxx turtle, which extends between 40-45 kgs.

All in all, five sea turtles are marked as a part of the study plus the professionals will attempt the next knee of marking recently.

Scientists monitoring the sea turtles activity stated both turtles have actually remained inside the nearshore/shallow waters within the last few 17 weeks (till a’s tracker revealed that after released from Velas it came around near shore at Guhagar coastline.

Maharashtra’s basic satellite marked Olive Ridley turtle trips 75 km south with the county coastline

Dr R Suresh Kumar, older researcher from office of Endangered types administration, WII, Dehradun detailing the purpose behind the workout stated, a€?Olive Ridley people could be divided in to two- bulk and individual nesting inhabitants. We have been trying to comprehend the migratory pattern of solitary nesting turtles that are found along side Maharashtra shore during this period in the season. Where create these turtles migrate, exactly what are the nearshore or overseas locations these turtles use? These are generally many of the questions.a€?

In 2001, the state forest section, combined with the WII got fixed four turtles with PTTs, at Devi coastline in Puri section. The migration route shared that one from the turtles had circled the oceans and only one was actually seen migrating south towards Sri Lanka.

Truly at this time suspected your water turtles navigate to the Middle East and Pakistan after installing eggs in Maharashtra.

a€?This will be the very first time Olive Ridley ocean Turtles across the Maharashtra Coast are tagged and tend to be becoming examined. Very little known about ocean turtles that nest across the state’s coast. We don’t know if they show up to shore several times to lay eggs or go back to the exact same destination annually. This research will bridge that information gap,a€?said Virendra Tiwari, additional principal conservator of woodlands, mangrove cell.

a€?The first observation has shown your turtles have not drifted not even close to her nesting sites. The information could also be helpful united states in our conservation effort. A youthful learn of this Olive Ridley that nested on Odisha shores revealed that these turtles gone as much as Sri Lanka and returned to Odisha Coast for nesting,a€? the guy included.

As opposed to the Olive Ridley’s discovered across the east coastline and especially those people that check out beaches in Odisha for nesting, the Olive Ridleys nesting over the Maharashtra coastline are sporadic and a solitary nesting society.

Kumar added, a€?when it comes to individual nesting turtles, it will be the choice of individual turtle to nest, the amount of time, the coastline. There’s no personal signalling within lonely turtles, unlike the mass nesters. This is exactly why, the individual nesting escort in Providence turtles will behave very in a different way. The way they incorporate nearshore oceans will change. They would not be owners within these waters, that’s what I hypothesise. We don’t know as of today if they’re resident or migratory.a€?

Olive Ridley turtles enjoy deep nests in sandy shores with the flippers to lay egg and manage all of them with sand.

While bulk nesting sometimes appears on shores of Odisha, in which lakhs of female turtles look to the seashore. In Maharashtra, nesting are recorded across three districts within the southernmost region of hawaii- Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg and it is sporadic.

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Olive ridleys is internationally marketed within the warm areas of the South Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian seas. These include noted as susceptible during the Overseas Union for Conservation of character (IUCN) Red record and therefore are additionally covered in Wildlife Safety work of 1972.

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